Is a San Diego based Advertising Photographer, Director and DP. While growing up he fell in love with cinema and music, by the age of 17 was a professional performing bass player. After deciding that was not a lifestyle he wanted to pursue, he landed in the hands of photography and later Directing. Today he has a beautiful wife (Nayad) and two pomeranians (Mimi and Gigi) and has immersed himself into the challenging world of advertising, specializing in branded lifestyle imagery for print, web and television. His work has been seen nationally on all media formats including television, print ads, trucks, billboards, magazines and websites.

Partial Client list:

Fox, Toyota, Patron, Litmos, Art Morrison Ent., CMG Financial The SW Group, Cabinet Tronix, Wallick & Volk, Kallitta Racing, Coldwell Banker, Hot Rod Mag, Super Chevy Mag, Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Mag, Modified Mustangs and Fords Mag, Performance Pontiac Mag, Chevy Classics Mag, Mustang Projects Mag